Working Remotely, WiFi Connection

I’m working over a remote desktop, so the rhino models I’m working on will not be over the same network as my mobile phone. Is there any way to make this work when devices are not on the same network? I thought it was possible to upload a model then access it from the app, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

Hi Andy,
You’re able to save a model to the device - but this is still done via the local network (once you have the model in view, you can save the current state).

In theory this would work if your mobile device was on the same virtual network as your PC, but this hasn’t been tested and would be complex to set up for iOS and/or Android. For now, you’ll need to be connected on the same local network.


Hi Cam,
Thanks for the reply. Good to know. This may be a limiting factor for commercial use. I wonder if models could be uploaded to your servers, then accessed from a device? Might make collaboration a bit easier.