XR Interface for AgTech with Fologram and Hololens 2 - Configuration Dashboard for IoT Cultivation Systems

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Capture quality needs a bit of tweaking to get the most of the visual elements that are somehow greyed out, my apologies.

Link to demo snippet.

That is so cool! You’re able to control all of the lighting parameters in real time through GH?

Hello again Gwyll, haha

Yes! Every parameter can be controlled. Parameters such as light schedules or intensity, nutrient feeding intervals, volume, temperature regulation can all be updated through the MR interface. The GH workflow communicates with the MCUs in one of two ways: 1) Send strings through Serial coms with Firefly plug-in, or 2) Send UDP packets through GHowl plug-in. The code onboard the MCU and its IoT Dashboard that allows it to switch between the two, depending on the use requirements.