XR Interface for AgTech with Fologram and Hololens 2 - Information Support For Equipment Maintenance

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XR-IoT (Demo) | Digital Twin, Component Information Support from Darrell Chan on Vimeo.

This looks awesome @darrellchan ! I love the hierarchical interactions where you can grab the frame containing 3D and 2D content and move it around, then also interact with the objects within it. That is super nice!

Are you going to be demoing this proof of concept somewhere?

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Hey Gwyll

Thanks! The hierarchical interaction you mentioned was rather accidental, seeing that each synced object could act as a reference point for downstream components - although they are reset by any update of higher stream objects. Quite practical to combine panels/texts with 3D objects nevertheless. :smiley:

As for the Demo: Yes! The video snippets were in fact taken during the first trial demo to our program director & advisor. There will be a series of usability tests coming the next few weeks, the soonest informal is on tomorrow, to a minister who happens to visit the fabrication lab here.

I’m keen to keep iterating on the app prototype :smiley:

Nice - keep us posted on how the demos go

Hi Darrellchan,

That looks awesome!!
May I have a question about your XR interface? I can make the Fologram interface through GH. But I have no idea how you make the rest of the interfaces? for example, the interactive document interface; the dynamic chart interface; and the interactive virtual model interface?

Many thanks.

Hello YangSong, Cheers man :vulcan_salute:t4:

How familiar are you with GH or Fologram? The building blocks of these interfaces are quite straightforward!

Play around with surfaces, UV coordinates, orienting texts or objects, assigning “texture (.png )” to synced objects, and put a little thought into the up or downstream of your scripts!

I hope these help!

Good luck with your project.

Hi Darrellchan, Thank you so much! :grinning: