Yihan Zheng Task 1&2

Hi @yihan_zheng

Thanks for sharing your design project - this looks like a very nice ‘chunk’ of some larger structure. If this was the case then you would face a pretty common challenge during fabrication of needing to keep the boundaries as precise as possible to ensure fit with other neighbouring parts, while having more tolerance for errors within part itself.

If you were to simply using this 3D model as the only fabrication instructions, you would likely introduce small errors in the angles of inclination of the vertical elements in the design, as well as in the bent geometry of the strips.

  1. What do you think the design would look like if it included these errors?
  2. Could you change the design to conceal these small mistakes?
  3. Or, if precision is very important, what sorts of fabrication techniques and apps would you need in order to minimize errors?

Can you please post your precedent images and a short video of your fabrication app? Then we can have a quick chat about your design ideas.