You won’t believe how easy it is to make a cloth simulation in mixed reality with Fologram

Get the example: (22.5 KB)

This tool will give you full control over the Kangaroo Physics engine in grasshopper, and view the simulations live in your mixed reality device with Fologram. Working with physical simulations in mixed reality allows you to carefully calibrate your digital simulations to match those in the real, physical world. For instance, you might simulate how a piece of timber bends under stress, then compare this to a real physical piece of timber bending under the same conditions using an augmented reality model. You can also design with physical simulations at 1:1, an activity that is particularly engaging as a shared experience. This example should be easily understandable by anyone already familiar with Kangaroo.

To use the tool in mixed reality, simply move the red spheres on your mobile or Hololens, and watch the cloth animate live on your device. The tool makes use of the Kangaroo plugin with two simple physics behaviors: anchors points for form control and constrained edge lengths for your input mesh, to give you a springy, responsive and fun form simulator.

Try increasing the complexity of this simulation by adding more physics behaviors, changing the anchor point locations or change the base mesh, or add further control in Fologram by synchronizing parameters to your device. You can use this tool to interactively design amazing tensile membrane forms, just like the great Frei Otto’s Olympic Stadium in Munich.

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